Q.  What do the icons mean in the course?

A.  Please watch this screencast to learn about icons.

Q.  How do I review and reattempt a quiz after an Unsuccessful result? 

A.  Please watch this screencast  to learn about it.

Q.  How do I check my grades?

A.  Please watch this screencast to learn about it.

Q.  How do I download and submit a written assessment?

A.  Please watch this screencast to learn about it.

Q.  How do I view, save, review and resubmit assessment feedback files?

A.  Please watch this screencast to learn about it.

Q. How do I fill in a Work Experience Facility Application Form (WEFAF) and how do I submit it?

A.  Please watch this screencast to learn about it.

Q.  How do I download Adobe Reader DC ?

A.  Please watch this screencast to learn about it.

Q.  How do I set Adobe Reader DC as a default program on MAC & Windows?

A.  Please watch this screencast to learn about it.

Q. How do I create a digital signature ?

A.  Please watch this screencast to learn about it.

Q. I'm using the AFA Asia App to view lecture and video presentations, but some will not load.  How can I watch them on a mobile device?

A.  Unfortunately some of our interactive presentations (indicated by a black icon with the H5P writing) are not compatible to watch via the AFA Asia App.  If you are using a mobile device you can view these resources by accessing your course through the web browser on your mobile device, rather than via the App.

Q.  I’m worried that I won’t complete my course before my course expiry end date.  What should I do?

A.  Firstly, please contact our student support team as soon as you feel like you may be falling behind.  We will provide advice on useful learning methods and share some great tools and resources to assist you to still complete your course within your timeframes.

Alternatively, a re-enrolment option is available if you wish to return to your studies after your course expiry date. 

Q.  Will I receive a hard copy of the course manual? 

A.  No, all of our course materials are online.  The course manual (text book) is available as an electronic version in the Introduction section of your course.  You can download a copy and save it to your computer for offline reference or for printing at home if you prefer a paper copy to write notes in.  

Q.  Is there a First Aid topic included in the course? 

A.  Unlike some other fitness training providers, AFA Asia does not require you to hold a current First Aid qualification in order to complete and receive your Certificate in Personal Training, but we do recommend that you obtain a First Aid qualification if you plan on working as a Personal Trainer as it is common for employers to request you hold one.  AFA Asia recognises that the standards and content covered in First Aid courses vary from country to country and therefore we encourage you to complete an accredited First Aid course with one of your local First Aid training providers.  We do not cover any First Aid training in our Certificate in Personal Training qualification.  This enables us to concentrate purely on teaching you the fitness related topics of our course!   

Q.  Can I submit assessments via my smartphone or tablet?

A.  All written assessment tasks are to be typed & submitted as an Adobe PDF format. If your smartphone/tablet has Adobe Reader app you are able to submit work in this format and can do so in the same way you would on a laptop/desktop.

Quiz assessments can be completed with Smartphones and Tablets.


Q.  Do you have any tips on how I can ensure my assessments receive a successful grade?

A.  Absolutely! Please click here to view advice from our Student Support Team about how to ensure your assessment submissions are at a satisfactory level and how to avoid having to re-attempt or resubmit assessments.


Q. I received an Unsuccessful result for one of my quiz assessments, what should I do?

A.  Please view this video tutorial  on what you can do if your attempt at a quiz is returned with an Unsuccessful (re-attempt) result.

Q.  How can I view my assessment grades and see which assessments have been submitted and are waiting to be marked?

A.  Please view this video tutorial on how to view your grades, assessment progress and status.


Q.  I have a job lined up when I complete my course. Can I have my assessments graded faster?

A.  Sorry but we have lots of students who are all very eager to complete their studies and are in the same position. We try our best to provide a 10 working day turnaround time from submission to grading. Please plan your studies carefully as we are unable to take any requests for priority grading.

Q. What does the Work Experience program involve?

A. Practical placement at a fitness facility (a gym for example) where you will be supervised by an approved personal trainer whilst you complete structured assessment tasks outlined in your AFA Asia Work Experience Assessment Manual.  The tasks within the program are designed to assess your practical application of the skills you learn online and throughout the course.


Q. How many hours do I need to complete?

A.  A total of 25 contact hours at your approved fitness facility.  In the Work Experience Manual we outline how we recommend you spend your time across the required tasks.  Please also allow some additional time to have your Supervisor complete an evaluation of your performance, which you need to submit online as part of your assessment.


Q.   Do I receive payment for the Work Experience hours?

A.  No.  Work Experience is a requirement of the course curriculum and is not a paid employment contract.  However, often students find that if they perform well during the placement period, paid employment opportunities may arise with their work experience facility after they graduate.


 Q.  Do I have to pay a facility or Personal Trainer to complete my Work Experience hours with them?

A.  No.  AFA Asia offers a fee to your Supervisor upon completion of your work experience placement hours on your behalf.  This is at no extra cost to you.   Please contact AFA Asia if you encounter a facility or supervisor that requests direct payment from you for participation.


Q.  When do I complete my Work Experience hours?

A.      You can only commence your placement hours once AFA Asia has approved your facility and provided you with access to the Work Experience Assessment Manual which includes the required assessment tasks.  To have your chosen facility approved you must complete and submit the Facility Application Form to AFA Asia via the online learning platform.  AFA will not accept hours completed prior to approval.

Begin sourcing your work experience facility as soon as you enrol in your course.  Some facilities have a large waiting list for student placement or require a few weeks of notice before commencement.  Do not leave this until the last minute or you may miss out.

You should also only commence the Work Experience hours after completing topics 1-5 online (unless advised differently by an AFA Asia staff member).  The tasks contained within the work experience program require a thorough knowledge from all of the course topics and should not be attempted until you have learned the skills required for the workplace. 

Ensure that you allow enough time to complete the full amount of hours prior to your course expiry.  AFA Asia recommends completing your placement hours gradually over a period of at least 3 months whilst continuing to study the theoretical components via the online platform.

In most cases, the facility will discuss available times for you to complete the program.  Please remember that due to the nature of the fitness industry, there will be times where you will be required to begin placement very early in the morning (eg 6am) or finish later at night (eg 10pm) and weekend shifts may also be required.  Please ensure you have the appropriate travel arrangements in place.


Q.  Can I choose my own Work Experience facility and Supervisor?

A.  Yes.  It is your responsibility to find a placement facility and Supervisor.  AFA Asia recommends that you choose a facility that is convenient to you, close to home, easy to get to, indicative of the type of work you are hoping to do in the future or where you are already a member.


Q.  How do I select an appropriate facility?

A.  Consider the services of the facility:

As a minimum, your facility will need to offer:

  • Health & fitness testing for clients (eg blood pressure, girth measurements, postural analysis etc)
  • Personal Training for a wide range of clients with a variety of training goals (eg. body composition change, strength, endurance, rehabilitation)
  • Access to a wide range of fixed and free weights, cardio equipment and additional non-traditional innovative equipment (eg. Swissballs, BOSU, TRX, Med Balls, Therabands etc)
  • Personal Training sessions for individuals, small and larger groups
  • Customer service

AFA Asia recommends personal training studios, larger fitness centres/gyms or local leisure/recreation centres for placement. Generally, facilities that only provide martial arts classes or small circuits do not provide the range of services and programs and may not be approved.

Always ensure that the facility has an appropriately qualified personal trainer who will be available to supervise your placement hours.


Q.  How do I know if my supervisor is appropriately qualified?

A.  To be eligible, your prospective Supervisor must have been involved as a personal trainer in the fitness industry for a minimum of 2 years and have completed a fitness qualification.  AFA Asia understands that formal fitness qualifications may involve different standards and topics depending which training provider delivered the qualification.  So, if you are unsure whether your Supervisor meets our requirements, request a copy of your supervisor’s qualifications and submit them with your application and we will look into it for you! 


Q.  How do I apply for approval from AFA Asia to commence my hours?


  • Download the ‘Work Experience Facility Application Form’ from the Work Experience section of your course.  Print it out and ask your chosen facility supervisor to complete the application form.  Ensure you also complete the section with your details.
  • Upload the ‘Work Experience Facility Application Form’ to AFA Asia via the online portal in your course.  Your facility MUST be approved by AFA Asia prior to commencement in the work experience program.   
  • Once AFA Asia receives the application and agreement forms you will be provided with access to the Work Experience Assessment Manual to complete specific tasks during your placement.

Click here  to view a video tutorial on how to successfully complete and submit your Work Experience Facility Application Form for approval.


Q.  What if I can’t find a facility?

A.  If you have attempted to find a facility but have no luck, please contact AFA Asia student support team and we can use our wide network of fitness industry contacts to assist with your placement.  Please be sure to contact us promptly so we can assist you to complete the hours within your allocated course timeframes.


Q.  Can I complete my placement at more than one facility?

A.  No.  We use feedback from the Supervisor to determine whether your practical skills and knowledge are at an acceptable industry standard.  Therefore, to provide the Supervisor with enough of an opportunity to evaluate your performance, the full 25 hours are required to be completed at the one facility with the same Supervisor

Q.  What do I need to take to my Work Experience placement?

A.       Always take your AFA Asia Work Experience Manual, AFA Asia uniform (T-shirt), workout clothes, towel, drink bottle, pen and paper to every shift.  Please check with your facility supervisor prior to commencement if there is anything else that you are required to bring or wear.  AFA Asia recommends wearing runners, plain dark tracksuit pants, shorts or leggings/tights.  Upon approval of your work experience application form, AFA Asia will send your AFA Asia T-shirt directly to your facility for you to pick up on your first day of placement.  (Please allow up to 10 days for your T-shirt to be shipped).  This must be worn during all your work experience practical hours.  All attire should be neat and clean.

Q.  What do I do once I have completed my hours?

A.  Submit your completed AFA Asia Work Experience Assessment Manual via the online platform ensuring all tasks are signed by your supervisor.  An evaluation form located at the back of the manual must also be completed by your supervisor and returned to AFA Asia via the online platform as assessment of your performance.  Once the evaluation form is submitted to AFA Asia and graded as Successful, the placement process is complete.

AFA recommends that you keep an electronic copy of your completed work experience manual prior to submitting it to AFA Asia.  AFA Asia will not accept any hard copy manuals via post.


Q.  What happens if there is a particular task within the Work Experience Manual that is either not offered or not available at the facility?

A.  If this is the case, you may be able to role play the particular scenario with the supervisor, which will enable you to complete the task. Depending on the task, the supervisor may act out the role of a client, and you as the trainer.


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